How to live a life of Luxury?

What makes it luxurious? What is a luxury experience? How can I live a life of this..?


Luxury Experiences

A 'luxury experience' is something that simply makes me feel good or special.

In defining a luxury hotel, for some people this can be staying at 'the' Landmark property in town - while for others it can be checking into the newest, hippest, trendy Boutique. Luxury in a hotel goes beyond the physical presence and amenities and extends to the all important levels of service. Luxury is an experience 

At the Australian Finishing School we want to give you a luxury experience, not just a certification in international etiquette. We would say Luxury can to be defined by consistent superior quality with an element of uniqueness and exclusivity. Every month we train individuals who seek to better themselves with exclusive adult etiquette classes.   Our classes are the best there is on offer in terms of Social and Business Etiquette Workshops. Real life practical skills based learning experience. 

“Luxury is style and comfort, priced accordingly. Extravagance is style and comfort, cost be damned.”  Tod Herbers, Publisher, Home and Design Magazine 


If you want to live a full luxurious life then you need to know how to live in it with ease and pleasure. There are a few simple ways you can create luxury in your daily life.

1 - Take care of your body - regular grooming appointments hair, nails, massage, skin maintenance, exercise and staying lean and fit

2  - Eating healthy and good quality food not quantity: Just like exercising is important, eating healthy keeps the body in good condition. Most wealthy families stay away from junk food

3 - Get regular medical care - this maybe general checkups to dentistry. Health care is important to wealthy people and it should be a priority as many health issues can be addressed early.

4 - Dress well - Wear nice clothes out often. Wear them to the market, to restaurants, to coffee dates. You can dress down, but you still want to appear put-together.

5 - Buy or lease a luxury car. Your car is going to be one of your most valued status symbols.

6 - Decorate your home with taste - Don’t be afraid to put pictures up of your family, but make sure they’re either pictures from vacations, or formal family portraits.

7 - Spend time with people who are well travelled and cultured. Who are from affluent backgrounds so you can learn about their lifestyle choices.

8 - Post carefully to your social media. You’re trying to put out a specific persona to your social world, so be conscious of the things you’re posting and saying on all your social media accounts.

9 - Volunteer you time -  A luxury life means you have effective time management skills. 

10 - Show good manners - It helps people understand that you are well educated and you take pride in your appearance.


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“Luxury is defined by attention to the details. Meticulous workmanship, sumptuous atmosphere and discerning good taste.” Robert Mackasek, CEO, Valera Global