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Just for Teens

 For ages 13-17 years old

The Australian Finishing School Teen Etiquette and Dining Programs combine to create a Swiss finishing School alternative in Australia, designed to give adolescents the social skills necessary to help them mature into confident and self-assured adults. The programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of this age group. They are highly interactive and fun, and are in harmony with the growing emphasis on character education and positive self-esteem.


Topics Overview


Let us support you in equipping your teen with the leadership skills he or she needs to not only handle a variety of situations with poise and confidence, but to also be prepared for success in the global economy of the 21st century. It’s not easy being a teenager… and it’s definitely not easy being the parent of one! Don’t fret if you feel like your ability to influence and shape their character has lessened, replaced by peer pressure and messages from outside the house – it’s natural to feel that way and it’s exactly why we run our teen etiquette and dining programs.

In a similar vein as a Swiss finishing school, this course was created to give teenagers the social skills they need to help them become confident and self-assured young adults, with the skill set to cope and excel in any social or academic situation.

  • Social, Communication & Leadership Skills
  • Deportment, Posture & Poise
  • Voice, Speech and Elocution - Public Speaking
  • Letter Writing, Thank you notes
  • Importance of Verbal and Non Verbal Communications; Handshaking, eye contact and Social Greetings
  • Introductions Formal & Informal
  • Self-respect & Respect for Others
  • Image, Dress Codes, and Proper Attire
  • Hygiene, Grooming, Presentation skills
  • Conversation & Listening Skills
  • Technology, Social Media Etiquette
  • The Etiquette of Public Places
  • School & University Interview Preparation
  • International Dining Skills - In Class Practicals
  • Dining, Seating, Setting
  • Parties and Events - Host & Guest Duties
  • Being a Gracious Guest - Gift Giving & Receiving
  • Good & Bad Habits Social Etiquette Public Spaces


"I liked the practical nature of the course. It was not lecturing style but rather question and answer and conversational. I would recommend this course to everyone. It should be taught in schools as part of basic social skills."

- Year 9 Emma SCEGGS, Darlinghurst

"Amanda showed us how to be more ladylike and how to sit and walk with confidence and poise. She interacted with us in a way that made me feel comfortable and I learnt a lot over my first high tea experience."

- North Sydney Girls High School

"My boy age 14 had a day class with Success With Manners and there was a significant change in his behaviours when we had visitors the same night. He shows confidence when talking with people. Thanks Amanda."

- Year 8 Student 张晗 Prince Alfred College

"I didn't expect the class to be so much fun, I had wonderful experience learning about how to present myself better. I feel more confident making new friends and in social situations."

- Year 7 Student Kambala Private Girls School Sydney


Investment includes: dynamic interactive etiquette lessons, expert instruction, tutorial meals where applicable, an illustrated workbook, refreshments, materials and a certificate of attendance.