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Corporate Course

A Business Etiquette Course is the perfect compliment to technical expertise and on the job training where team members discover the skills to build confidence, professionalism and better represent themselves and your business. In a professional context, etiquette has a tangible impact on you and in your business.


What will participants learn?


Business today is fast paced, competitive and driven by our ability to build trust and rapport with our colleagues and clients.  Our goal is to help people understand why etiquette is still so relevant in our modern world, and to help people master skills that will impact their own lives, and the lives of others. Having essential cultural and Business etiquette skills can make or break you success in your career or professional development. You may be just starting your professional journey and starting your first job or advanced in your career and at the highest of level. How you conduct your self professionally, essentially affects your reputation and how you will be remembered.

If your team members are client facing and you would like to empower them will all the skills for success, the Corporate Course is the perfect compliment to technical and sales training. What do you want to be remembered for?

  • How manners in business build relationships

  • Introduction protocol - how to introduce yourself and others with polish

  • Professional Image: the dollar value of a personal brand

  • How to dress for the next level of success

  • Dining Etiquette over a meal (meal additional cost)

  • Business card etiquette - when and how to seamlessly exchange during meetings and events

  • Navigating business meetings - how to confidently greet guests, host or attend meetings with clients or senior management

  • Hosting meetings, dinner events and functions

  • Personal presence and deportment at work and home

  • Mastering the Business Function

  • Faux pas to avoid for each scenario



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course go for?
Course duration is up to 1.5 hours with the exception of Dining Etiquette which is best within 2 hours, where possible. 

How Many Participants are in Each Course?
The course is best suited for 6 - 20 people as a workshop.

What is the Cost?
We structure our fees based on the number of participants and time. We have special rates for one session, half day, full day and keynotes, please get in touch to discuss details.

Investment includes dynamic interactive etiquette lessons, expert instruction, an illustrated workbook & quiz, refreshments and a certificate of attendance.