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Classes Designed For Developing Proper Etiquette 

Our aim is help you develop important skills, not only to your individual lives and careers but also to help you and make you into an elegant woman or confident business executive. Etiquette is the fruit of manners and it deals directly with kindness, consideration, elegance, style and decorum. This comprehensive social etiquette course is divided into 8 steps, from introductory table manners and dressing etiquette to more advanced social and business etiquette, finally studying international savoir-vivre. We have eight etiquette modules – 1) International Social Etiquette & General Behaviour, 2) Social Confidence & the Art of Being a Refined Woman, 3) The Art of Entertaining
& Being Entertained, 4) The Art of the Table, 5) Three/Six-Course Elegant Dining Tutorial Luncheon, 6) Posture, Poise & Deportment, 7) The Art of Communication, Elocution & Conversation, 8) Personal Image, Style & Society Dress Codes. Unmask the differences between Australian social versus International business etiquette. 

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Etiquette in All Aspects of Life

Our mission is to help you develop important etiquette skills that will support both your private and professional lives, refining you into an elegant lady or confident business executive that will help you achieve your social endeavours, seek overseas investors, or make an impression at a job or university interview. In today’s increasingly global society, international etiquette is an essential resource that often determines who becomes a leader, and who gets left behind. We could say it is your passport to feeling at ease in any situation – from effortlessly navigating the place setting of a formal meal to correctly greeting and entertaining VIP Clients. Over the years as women progressed from the dining room to the boardroom, most of these traditional Swiss institutions have closed. In their place, the Australian Finishing School introduces the modern-day finishing school to Australia in a modular format addressing the needs of today’s women and men. 


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Australian Finishing School is the best etiquette choice for you because we aim to help you be the best person you can be. By knowing that no matter who you are or what you do, your manners has a direct impact on your professional and social success. We specialise in Deportment, Poise, Posture, Elocution, Dining Etiquette, Business Protocol and Social Success Development and Training. We offer a wide range of etiquette programs for business and social success training. We facilitate our life-changing, confidence building training workshops for corporations, schools and universities, private individuals, young adults and children across the country. We provide workshops, coaching, and Australian Etiquette Blog. Western social manners and etiquette of international etiquette is the ritual of daily life with each other the General by the international community. These skills are crucial in today's society: the public knows how to introduce yourself, use proper table manners, elegant poise and speak clearly.

Develop Strong Etiquette Skills Today

All aspects of daily life are subject to refining. Etiquette and good manners can be taught and learned. Let us show you the way.

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