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Our Mission

We aim to help you be the best person you can be. By knowing that no matter who you are or what you do, your manners has a direct impact on your professional and social success.

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About Us

Welcome to Australia's leading European Accredited Finishing School. We specialise in Deportment, Poise, Posture, Elocution, Dining Etiquette, Business Protocol and Social Success with our Art of Conversation Modules. We offer a wide range of etiquette programs for business and social success training. We facilitate our life-changing, confidence building training workshops for corporations, schools and universities, private individuals, young adults and children across the country.

We work closely with our image consultant partners to provide workshops, coaching, and Australian Etiquette Blog. Western Social Manners and Etiquette of International Business is the ritual of daily life with each other and in general by the international community.

We teach you the best way with practical skills to introduce yourself and learn the art of conversation, dressing appropriately, the use proper table manners, elegant poise and speaking clearly are all key skills in being sophistication and refined. Our aim is help you develop these important skills, not only in your individual lives and careers but also to help make you into an elegant woman or confident business executive. 

The Australian Finishing School was formally known as Success with Manners & has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, and many others. As a first to bring this leading training to the Southern Hemisphere, Amanda and her team bring a world of knowledge, insights and a uniquely adapted curriculum to the School’s foundation in Sydney Australia (Since 2009). Conducting workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.


Savoir-faire is the knowledge of just what to do in any situation; tact.  Savoir-vivre is the knowledge of the world and the ways or usages of polite society. Savoir-faire and savoir-vivre are critical today: knowing how to make introductions, dress tastefully, or which cutlery to use at the dining table.

All aspects of daily life are subject to refining if one wants to become a sophisticated gentleman or lady. But it is never too late. Etiquette and good manners can be taught and learned. Let us show you the way.


Meet Amanda

Amanda King is an accredited Etiquette Expert who provides individuals the tools to successfully and confidentially navigate a variety of social settings–from upscale dining and business meetings to networking events.

Her approach to etiquette is unique in its modern, contemporary context with a trendy and conversational teaching style and ease of implementation. Ms Amanda King is university qualified and is certified as an International Social Etiquette Consultant and as a Youth Etiquette Expert. Receiving her education with United Kingdom’s most prestigious Etiquette school Minding Manners and IPV worldwide. She has also completed her etiquette training and education at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu Finishing School in Glion, Switzerland where she received certificates in The European Art of Dining and International Etiquette and Protocol. With many years living and working in recruitment in Sydney Australia it was there that she was inspired to bring the art of savoir-vivre and etiquette to Australia. Bridging Austral-Asia to European Traditions.

She combines her experience in Recruitment, Human Resources and a Swiss Finishing School to create a unique high-end environment for students to acquire skills for a lifetime. Success with Manners launched in Sydney, Australia in 2009 and today is the Australian Finishing School.

Amanda King specialises in Social & Business etiquette to help prepare University graduates from Ivy League Institutions and young adults from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and now Perth's most prestigious Private schools with the best tools to making the right impression. Teaching students interview techniques, public speaking, table manners, dressing for success, deportment & posture, written communication and interpersonal skills.

We welcome our newest Etiquette Coach Nicole Bianchi to the team June 2019. She has an extensive background in the corporate arena most notably working with Virgin Australia and then moving into Marketing and small businesses industry. 

Nicole is passionate about all aspects of etiquette and protocol. Her speciality is personal branding and has been a trained image consultant and wardrobe analyst for over 15 years. 

Welcome to the Australian Finishing School team.


The company has grown into a second generation of etiquette training in Australia through the international training Provider Minding Manners London. Sydney’s first high-end etiquette institutions to bring back the tradition of the European Finishing School, exclusively only this time in an accessible, contemporary and modular format. You will put the anxiety of “not knowing what to do when” aside, so that you can focus on the matters at hand while feeling poised, polished and powerful in every situation.

So when you’re ready to take your life to the next level, or you want to refine your manners, contact us now for more information.