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We are the leading European Accredited Finishing School in Australia. We offer contemporary etiquette workshops and private classes for affluent members of society, as well as lessons in building confidence in all social environments.

We bring back the tradition of the European Finishing School exclusively only this time in an accessible, contemporary and modular format.


What is a Finishing School?

Traditionally, finishing schools in Switzerland served young women from aristocratic European families. For example, Princess Diana, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall were educated here. The purpose was to provide them with teachings on social and cultural etiquette and graces, art, creative development and home management. Over the years as women progressed from the dining room to the boardroom, most of these traditional Swiss institutions have closed. In their place, the Australian Finishing School introduces the modern-day finishing school to Australia in a modular format addressing the needs of today’s women and men. 

Our mission is to help you develop important skills that will support both your private and professional lives, refining you into an elegant lady or confident business executive that will help you achieve your social endeavours, seek overseas investors, or make an impression at a job or university interview. In today’s increasingly global society, international etiquette is an essential resource that often determines who becomes a leader, and who gets left behind. We could say it is your passport to feeling at ease in any situation – from effortlessly navigating the place setting of a formal meal to correctly greeting and entertaining VIP Clients.


西方社会礼仪和国际礼仪是日常生活中日常生活的仪式。 公众知道如何介绍自己,穿着适当,使用适当的表格礼仪,优雅的风度,并明确。 “澳大利亚魅力学校”将向您展示这些重要技能的发展,不仅是为了个人生活和事业,向您展示您进入优雅的女人或自信的企业高管。 不管文化礼仪还是阶级,都要让人在一起。联系我们今天和澳大利亚完成学校唯一的欧洲礼仪公司课程。


Etiquette Courses