Dress to impress: a Royal Ascot 2019 fashion guide for women

Are you a lady heading to Royal Ascot but confused about what to wear? This expert fashion guide will set you straight

Are you a lady heading to Royal Ascot but confused about what to wear? This expert fashion guide will set you straight

Etiquette Expert Amanda King brings you this years guide to Royal Ascot 2019 one of Britains most prestigous events.

Become a leader in the style stakes this year with this expert guide to Royal Ascot’s four fabulous enclosures

Think of the great British summertime and a trip to the races represents the quintessential day out. Packed with buzz and excitement, nothing matches the glamour and prestige of Royal Ascot, which takes place this year from 18 to 22 June 2019.

Steeped in tradition, it is England’s most popular race meeting and attended by Her Majesty The Queen, who has enjoyed a passion for horses since childhood.

Each area within Ascot racecourse has a different look and feel

Her presence, and that of members of the royal family, has thus long denoted a formal dress code, making it an event not just synonymous with supreme elegance, but a major fashion event in its own right.

Each area within Ascot Racecourse has a different look and feel, so follow this guide for effortless outfit inspiration and revel in preparing for one of the most pleasurable aspects of Royal Ascot: the fashion.

Royal Enclosure

As is to be expected, sartorial standards are high in an area where racegoers rub shoulders with horse owners, trainers and even royalty.

Men must attend wearing a full morning suit compromising a classic top hat, tails and waistcoat. For women, think formal, with hemlines no higher than just above the knee and sensible necklines with straps of at least one inch wide and nothing off-the-shoulder or asymmetric.

Queen Anne Enclosure

Named in honour of the monarch who founded Ascot Racecourse, the central location of this enclosure puts race-goers at the heart of the action.

Formal dress rules apply, but are slightly more relaxed than the Royal Enclosure – as befits an area which upholds a tradition of singing around the bandstand after the final race.

Men can opt for a coordinating suit with a shirt and tie (socks are also a must) rather than morning dress. Ladies on the other hand, must sport a hat or headpiece at all times.

The Queen Anne Enclosure is the perfect area in which to employ a neckline with perhaps thinner straps or a skirt or dress with a rise-and-fall hem to create a directional silhouette.

A tailored jumpsuit is a chic choice too, but must fall below the knee and must not have a bardot or one-shoulder neckline.

Village Enclosure

“Dress for the outdoors” is sound advice for attending the funky, music-filled Village Enclosure, which was launched in 2017. What that translates to, from the feet up, is something to navigate a grassy surface and a hat that will stay on if it’s windy.

Ankle-strap wedges are ideal for such terrain, providing a flat surface and all-day comfort, but fashion’s predilection for block midi heels is a more trend-driven alternative, with covetable court shoes and sandals versions available in abundance. You can also be a little more experimental in the confines of the Village Enclosure, opting for a puffball mini-dress or a mid-length all-in-one – however do note that sheer straps or strapless cuts aren’t permitted.

The outdoorsy setting and the garden party vibe is the ultimate occasion to grab a beaded, top-handle bag (or if your basket bag from last summer is still going strong, simply update it with a silk scarf knotted to the side) to add a quirky touch to your chic outfit.

Top it off with a hat and voila, you’re ready to enjoy the live bands, DJs and inimitable atmosphere until 9pm. Chaps meanwhile, should soak up the fun in a suit and tie.

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Amanda King