Poise, Posture and Deportment


What does your posture say about you?

When we are rushed or busy we tend to lose our good posture, and being graceful with our movement. A poised person exhibits composure and self-assuredness, which comes in handy, for instance, during a job interview, giving a public talk or debate, or playing sports. How can I be more more elegant or show that I am confident with my posture without looking stiff you might ask...?

(1) Dress in clothing that makes you feel confident, looks sophisticated and helps you feel in control

(2) Roll your shoulders back, chest up not out and pretend there is a helium balloon pulling you from the crown of your head. This will help you develop good posture

(3) Keep your arms gently by your side or arms together as per the picture. Crossed arms shows closed body language, which to other people subconsciously may make you unapproachable or not interested in social interaction

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Amanda King