A Guide to Australia Day Etiquette and Entertaining with Style and Etiquette

Australia Day 2019

A Guide to Australia Day Etiquette

How are you spending this long weekend?

Interacting with Service Staff:
Australians have a strong culture of egalitarianism that they don’t like to see violated.  No matter their job, treat people with equal respect and use ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ with everyone.  Never snap your fingers, whistle or yell at service staff to get their attention. Instead, use eye contact and then put your arm slightly getting their attention. Please and thankyou also goes along way. 》At the Table:
Table manners in Australia are Continental, meaning that the fork goes in the left hand and the knife goes in the right

In some cultures, it is considered polite to leave a little food on your plate, but Australia is not one of those cultures.  Feel free to finish your meal.

Different cultures have different relationships with time. Common concepts of time include; linear, multi-active or cyclical.  Like many Anglo-Saxon cultures, Australians have a linear relationship with time.That simply means that time is measured by the clock, (not by what someone achieves within a certain amount of time). It is important to arrive at appointments at the actual time specified(and even be a few minutes early) especially in business situations. However, when invited to someone’s home for a social event, it’s best not to arrive exactly on time, but a little later. If you are more than 15mins late let the host know especially if food is involved. This is being polite and respectful.

Making Conversation:
There aren’t many taboo topics in Australia, although if you’ve just met someone, you might want to avoid topics of race, religion, politics and sex until you know them better.
If you’re looking for sure and safe conversation starters, try the weather or sports (especially football), or give a compliment. Remember to ask questions which are neutral and not too personal. If you are still unsure of what to talk about, think about "If I were asked this questions, would I feel uncomfortable answering the question."

If you are holding an Australia Day Lunch or Dinner we recommend a special Touch this year with a eucalyptus place settings. Perfectly paired with a few metres of hessian (napkins and table runner), solar lights, material Napkins, clear glassware and some gold cutlery for the magic touch..

Australia Day is driven by hundreds of community events that take place across the nation, generating immense community spirit and bringing people together. Let's celebrate this Australia Day by entertaining in Style and Class with our Natural Produce.

Happy Australia Day @australianfinishingschool

Table Decorations Australian Style

Table Decorations Australian Style

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