How to look rich and classy


Being classy is all about style, sophistication and elegance

Learn all about polished etiquette, grace and finesse.


Wondering how some women always look so pulled together?  We all have a friend like this. Heads turn as she walks down the street and she leaves a scent of perfume in her wake. Her nails are perfectly manicured, she wears sunglasses on her head and her diamond studs are small enough to be real but large enough to be noticed.

You don’t need to have a lot of money, or any for that matter to be a classy woman. Simply take pride in what you do own always and put on your best face when you go out into the world.

Make your inner sophistication and stylishness stand out by dressing better, following proper etiquette, using sophisticated language and giving right body signals to others.

Always wear clean clothes, freshly pressed with no threads, rips, stains or fading. Wear neatly put together outfit that you know looks good and throw on a few natural-looking basics such as a bit of mascara, a neutral shade of lipstick (or gloss), and just a hint of blush. Black, white, navy are always more classy colours which can make you look more expensive.

No matter how much money you have, you can still learn to class-up your look a little. Learn how to dress like you've got more money than you know what to do with, grooming and selecting clothes that will help you appear classy and sophisticated. You can also learn how to pull off the act to make the look complete.

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  1. Buy clothes that fit your body well
  2. Buy a few quality pieces, but fill out your wardrobe with value items.
  3. Remove the tags from your clothes.  Expensive designer clothes don't feature brands prominently.
  4. Dress up when you can. If you're just playing at looking wealthy, you want to look like you've got somewhere important to be. 
  5. Buy clothes with natural fabrics. Fabrics should be all-natural, whenever possible. Look at the tags when you buy clothes and pick out cotton, cashmere, silk, linen, and wool over any kind of synthetic blend.
  6. Make sure your clothes are always well-pressed and clean. It's important to have good clothes, but it's even more important to have clothes that look good and are well-kept. 
  7. Be ready for the weather. Not only do you want to make sure that you're dressed smartly, but that you're dressed appropriately for the weather. Layering can be sophisticated, for ladies I recommend a scarf for the added touch.
  8. Fine jewellery is more sophisticated than large pieces.  Fake pearls are difficult to identify, making them an excellent way to save a little if you can't afford a diamond necklace.
  9. Go out and be seen. New restaurants, new clubs, and other hot spots around town should always be on your to-do list. The rich like to go out to the newest and trendiest places to be seen, just as much as to experience those places. If you want to give the impression that you're rich, try to stay on top of new openings and get your reservations ahead of time.
  10. Practice and know basic etiquette. Wealth comes with elegance. If you want to act like you've got money, you need to practice good manners at all times.

Amanda King is the Director of the Australian Finishing School (established 2009) and is a modern-day version of European finishing schools that caters to Chinese nouveaux riche. Other courses offered by the school located in Sydney, include how to raise children, proper table manners and luxury brand pronunciation.