Regifting Etiquette to Christmas Invitation Etiquette


Is it ok to ask for an invite?

While you can’t ask for an invite, there are ways to get invite in a more polite manner. If you are invited somewhere, but a significant other is not, tell the host you can’t come because you are spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend/ partner. You decline the invitation and state why you have to decline, and then the guest can totally say we have room … or thanks for letting me know.


Is it OK to regift?

Yes it is but we have come up with a few guidelines on how to regift so it will not hurt anyone's feelings.

  1. You should avoid regifting anything that is personalised or handmade.
  2. Make sure you are 99.9% sure the person who gave it you and the person who you give it to aren’t going to find out you regifted.
  3. The person who you are giving the gift to will actually like the gift.
  4. Do not regift perishables, for example home made cookies
  5. Ensure the gift is in perfect condition, no left over wrapping paper or tape - if it is a book make sure there is not a personalised note in the cover
  6. Some people prefer to be completely transparent and say something like they received two of the same gifts or they thought the gift would be more enjoyed by someone 'who enjoys red wine etc'

We’ve heard countless bad stories of people giving a cheeseboard with someone else’s wedding date on it, or people giving gift bags and the original card winds up in the bottom of the bag, so please be careful when re-gifting Christmas presents.

At the end of the day we want to reduce landfill and gift giving is all about the thought so treasure the person who is giving the gift and make sure they know your appreciate the present.