How to Host a party at your house


Choose people to invite. Very basic, just choose your best friends. However, try to make sure people you invite don't hate each others guts or dislike them. The larger the party it is the less of a problem it is, but if you can avoid having any rivalries, then it will be a better party.


If the party involves people staying over, provide them with something to do during the day. No matter how good a host you are or how cool your house is, overnight parties need to start off doing something else.


Examples include laser skirmish, a day at a theme park, or going to the beach.Once you have done this activity, you can then head to your house.


When the guests are at your house, always make sure there is ample food.Generally, you don't want foods that leave the consumer feeling greasy - hash browns can leave oil on the hands, for example, which then lowers the guest's mood. Include junk food such as pizza, party sausage rolls, lollies, pretzels, etc, but make sure you have an equally delicious, healthy alternative. Fruit platters will usually do the trick.


In terms of drinks, stock up on soft drink, whether in cans or large bottles which are then poured into a glass. I prefer bottles, as they tend to leave less trash after the party. Have milk, juice and water available as well - after lots of junk food or unhealthy drinks, often guests will feel like something healthier.


Alcohol is up to you, but be safe, and limit guests' drinking. They might not like you for it, but they WILL respect you for it later, and it's better than the alternative.


Keep the house clean before guests arrive. Your house will probably be messy after the party anyway, but making a good first impression is vital to making sure that people not only come back to your house in the future, but also that you have a good reputation. It's okay if the dishes aren't done or minor things like that, but try not to have food still on the dining table or clothes on your bedroom floor.


Making sure your guests have things to do is vital. Some parties I go to degenerate into simple 'truth and dare', which is fun, but not original and does NOT utilise the potential of a party. Sexual games such as spin the bottle or strip poker can be fun at the time, but always remember there are, once again, possibilities that this could turn out to ruin the night.


Having a decent movie collection helps - otherwise, rent out the latest films from your nearest video store. Some people won't have seen one of them, so you may end up watching one. Video games keep some guests occupied (especially if your guests are teenage boys) but on the other hand, can alienate those who don't play them. Also, similar to truth and dare, video games are basically a 'no effort' way to entertain your friends; okay, but not great.



When the party is over, help the guests pack up anything they might have brought, clean up any immediate trash concerns (a good last impression is also worth making the effort) and thank them for coming. If you have an allotted time the party is over, start wrapping up about an hour beforehand. The last few minutes, the guests can entertain themselves by watching TV or something, but you don't want any unnecessary hassle.